FLORES Indonesia

Green Dragon 

RFA Organic 

 From the land of Komodo Dragons this coffee boasts a good full body and low acidity. Milk chocolate, pipe tobacco, and a spicy,citrus finish.

Medium Roast/Filter Brew Methods



From the Yirgacheffe Region come this fantastic,  sweet "fruit bomb" . Great blueberry, apricot notes with a good full body. Supply is getting low so get it while you can.

KENYA Gicherori

Meticulous processing at the Gicherori factory results in exceptional flavour with a bright, distinctive acidity and a heavy body. Great floral aroma and juicy red berry flavour leads to a nice red wine finish. Great for filter methods or espresso. 


   GUATEMALA  Attitlan


  Cultivated near Lake Attitlan in the highlands this coffee has a great lemon iced tea flavour with a pronounced  chocolate finish and  aftertaste that goes on and on and...

  ZAMBIA  Kateshi Estate
   Mafinga Hills

  Another outstanding and sweet coffee from the Mafinga Hills region. This coffee works great for both filter methods and espresso. Great complexity with good sweet tropical fruit, watermelon, cherry, and a wine gum aftertaste.

  BRAZIL  Yellow Diamond         

  An outstanding Brazil with great balance and sweetness. A juicy body and pleasing acidity lead to a good butterscotch finish! A fantastic all around coffee!

  Always Available







For our St. John's region customers please email orders to Darkstarcoffee@protonmail.com before Saturday midnight to ensure Monday delivery. We charge $5 +tax for delivery to St John’s area and surrounding regions. These selections and others are always available at our location in Carbonear during our normal business hours 10-3pm Thursday to Sunday. 

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